Who is it for?

My service is best suited to companies and businesses who want to work with an industry-specific recruiter.

Financial ➤ Mortgage  Insurance  Real Estate

I’m an excellent choice for a business that wants to have a close relationship with their recruitment partner.

I don't assume that I'm the right recruitment partner for everyone so it's important that we invest the time at the outset to establish whether I can help save time and money and fill the vacancy.

What do I do?

I'll get on with running the search, allowing you to get on with running your affairs.

I'll keep in regular contact with weekly updates

Becoming a client

➤ An initial chat to find out what you are looking to achieve and answer any early questions you may have

➤ More detailed information gathering, via a zoom or teams video call about culture, process, systems, profiling, benefits, targets, support, remuneration, fees and the hiring/interviewing process

➤ By this point, it is usually clear whether we are going to be a good fit for each other.

➤ Costs are always at the forefront. You will find that I'm open and flexible regarding fees and rebate periods. I'm not in the business of making 'profit from failure'

➤ Subject to a verbal handshake I'll send our terms of business. This includes full cost details, with all fees & refund periods

➤  If you are happy to proceed, you sign and agree to our terms.

➤ I start the search

As we go through the process we'll keep learning and refining.