Mortgage Advisor - Start your own business

Are you an experienced Mortgage Advisor who would like to set up your own business? 

Do you want the freedom to make your own decisions and create a better a work /life balance?

Do you have access to clients, lead sources or introducers?

Our client would welcome an opportunity to talk about how you could join a business that will support you and your business.

Here are a few details................

A directly authorised company with access to the whole of market for both mortgages and insurance.

As a directly authorised firm, they are paid direct.  They usually use mortgage clubs as their payment routes, when doing this the club will take approx. 0.1% to 0.15% from the procuration fee. Whatever comes into the company then is split 70% to the broker 30% to the company.

Any leads they provide is split 50/50

Own business split is 70/30 to the adviser.

Q: Why does the business take 30%?

A: The easiest way of explaining this is that there are no other fees to pay. The Mortgage Advisor will receive all of the following services within the 30% pay away.

  • Sourcing Free
  • Knowledge Bank Free
  • Marketing Literature Free
  • Administration support Free
  • Compliance Free
  • Office software Free.
  • Option to work from the office Free
  • Indemnity insurance Free

Administration Support:

Once the mortgage application is handed over to the administration team they will then look after the case, keeping in regular contact with the client/Solicitor/if applicable new build company and will follow this through to completion and will ensure any policies are put on risk. This enables the mortgage advisor to concentrate on writing business.

Re-mortgage letters will be sent to clients automatically for the broker to chase up.

All mortgage advisors will have a chance of moving into the new build market where they are allocated dedicated sites in their location. 

Sales Production:

  • No minimum figures are required.
  • Holiday Cover for mortgage advisors is provided.

Life Protection:

There are two options main options for this:

Option 1:70/30 Split

The Mortgage Advisor provides all quotes and processes the application. It is then handed over to the insurance department who will chase this through to acceptance and will organise when it needs to go on risk.

Option 2: 50/50 Split 

The insurance department can provide all the quotes and research then either hand it back to the mortgage advisor to sell or they will sell the product for the mortgage advisor. The mortgage advisor can complete the application or the insurance department will, and then follow it through to completion. This vast majority of mortgage advisors choose this method as they get paid 50% for doing very little.

Special Rates & Products:

They have access to special rates and criteria.

Here's an example:  if you were buying a new build with Halifax you would need a 15% deposit, however, our client has access to enable you the mortgage advisor to offer products that will allow only 5% both for houses and apartments.

Here's an example of how rates can be beaten:

Re-mortgage Products (rates as of January 2019)

Santander  2 yr fixed 1.64% they can get 1.49%

Halifax 2 year Fixed  2.14% they can get 1.64  

Natwest 5 yr fixed 2.73% they can get 2.02%

For a confidential conversation, please contact Jon D'Costa on 01452 526100 or email: