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How we work:


1. Client Needs Assessment

  • Understand your business, people, and culture.
  • Clarify the job role, responsibilities, and qualifications needed.
  • Discuss the challenges in filling the position.

  • 2. Define the Search Strategy

  • Create a detailed candidate profile based on the client’s requirements.
  • Outline the methods we use to find candidates (e.g., networking, industry databases, social media).

  • 3. Outline the Headhunting Process

  • Describe how we will screen and assess candidates initially.
  • Agree on the interview stages and who will be involved.
  • Detail the criteria and methods for evaluating candidates.

  • 4. Client Engagement and Communication

  • Propose a schedule for regular updates and feedback sessions with the client.
  • Provide regular updates on progress, challenges, and candidate feedback.

  • 5. Terms and Conditions

  • Outline and agree to our fees and payment terms.
  • We offer a competitive guarantee period if the hire fails.
  • Provide a realistic timeline for the completion of the search process.

What Our Candidates Say...

Jon helped me to find my perfect position at JBR Capital, and I can't thank him enough. Not only is Jon's industry knowledge 2nd to none, he handled my on boarding with complete professionalism and ca...See more

– Neil Robinson
Senior Partnerships Manager