Mortgage Recruitment Blog: Job Market Trends in the Mortgage Sector

18 January 2023

The mortgage sector is currently experiencing a period of change and uncertainty, which is affecting the job market. However, this also presents opportunities for experienced CeMap-qualified advisers to stand out.

To stay ahead of the game, mortgage advisers should focus on developing their skills, building their professional networks, and keeping abreast of the latest trends in the industry.

For example, mortgage advisers with a deep understanding of new technologies and digital tools will be well-positioned to succeed.

The shift towards remote work has created new opportunities for advisers to work remotely, so they can be more productive, and reach a wider audience.

Mortgage advisers rely on purchase leads (driven by the housing demand) and re-mortgage solutions are the mainstays of their business.

However, having specific expertise in areas such as self-employment, complex income, asset-based lending, bridging, overseas bridging development finance, and commercial may give mortgage advisers an edge over their competition and open new doors.



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