Do You Talk To Yourself?

10 February 2023

Anyone else discovered the joy of talking out loud to yourself?

I’ve started doing this.

My wife is a great chatter, to herself, my daughter is the same, so I tried it.

It’s brilliant

Instead of internalising your thoughts and have them swirl around inside your head, driving you bonkers, you say them out loud and answer them.

Whaddaya know, boom, gone, either resolved into a plan or just thrown away as useless babble that holds you back, beats you up and makes you question your sanity.

Didn’t a famous person say something about taking to yourself as ‘the first sign of madness’.

Maybe we’re body swerving the wrong people on the tube station?

I don’t have any facts to back this up but I do know, having a chat out loud with myself feels pretty good.

Writing is just another conversation, like this post.

Anyway….back to the home Jon.


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