Do companies care about employees who leave?

8 January 2018

Do companies care about employees who leave?

We know that it doesn’t always work out with that dream job.

As hard as it is you have to face facts and make the decision to move on.

This recently happened to a candidate that I had placed with a client. My contact had updated me and said that he didn’t want to lose the person, he valued them and rated them highly as a strong prospect for the future. He also admitted they hadn’t done the best job of integrating them into the business in the early months and saw this as a failure on their part.

Sure enough the candidate left and joined another local firm. I didn’t get the chance to work with the candidate through this process but I kept track for my records.
6 months later I received a call from my client asking if I would get in touch with the person and find out if they would consider returning. So I made the call and it turned out the last move did not deliver on the promises made and the person was on the hunt for another job with 6 interviews arranged.

We spoke at length about my client and agreed to set up a call and meeting. This went very well and resulted in the agreement to return albeit in a slightly different position with a good pay increase!

A few points to consider……

- Do companies have good follow up and one to one sessions in the early period of employment?

- Who can candidates talk to, if they have an issue with their line manager?

- Has the recruiter kept in touch to find out how the candidate is getting on?

- How hard do companies try to retain good people?

My contact who runs this division took full responsibility for the loss BUT never gave up trying to make it right and win back the candidate.
It’s a great story and I hope an everlasting one!


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About the Author:
Jon D'Costa has been a Mortgage Industry Recruiter for 24 years. Jon previously worked as a Mortgage Advisor and managed a team of 30 mortgage advisors. 


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