Thinking about a job change? - 3 Things to check before you start.

8 January 2018

Thinking about a job change? - 3 Things to check before you start.

1.Social Media Profiles
What do your photos and text say about you?
Many recruiters, HR managers and hiring professionals will check out the candidate’s social media profiles before inviting them to an interview. A recent survey suggested that 40% of job applications were declined because of people’s social media profiles.

2. Is your CV up to date and accurate?
Make sure your employment dates are accurate and any gaps are covered with a brief note.

Check for spelling and grammatical errors. If you are applying for a job which requires ‘attention to detail’ and ‘accuracy’, your CV will be the first assessment of these skills.
Try to avoid long paragraphs of text describing duties, skills etc. Use bullet points to highlight these areas and draw the recruiters 'eye' easily to your talents and achievements.

3. Prepare a ‘Brag File’
A brag file contains your records and proof that you are the brilliant person you claim to be!
It should contain;
- Testimonials
- Proof of earnings
- Certificates
- Education and/or professional certificate’s
- Performance league tables
- And anything else that shows you are the ‘Top Dog’
Good luck.

About the Author:
Jon D'Costa has been a Mortgage Industry Recruiter for 24 years. Jon previously worked as a Mortgage Advisor and managed a team of 30 mortgage advisors. 


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