Are working & workout strategies related?

27 September 2018

My current fitness training is 10k daily rows. It’s a steady paced row completed in 40 ish’ minutes. 

A decent physical workout but an even better mental workout. Sitting on a rower for this length of time is a test of not just stamina but your powers of focus and concentration. 

As a recruiter, I spend a lot of time searching for people to engage with who may match the profiles my clients are looking to hire. This task requires focus and concentration, the same as the rowing training. 

The recent GDPR regulation has also created the task of maintaining our CRM. Looking at every candidate record an updating each one individually feels like the equivalent to completing 30 consecutive 10k training rows.

10k rowing means I get to watch a lot of people training in the gym. I see a lot of focused trainers but many more who move quickly from one exercise to another or jumping from one machine to another without any focus or attention. It made me wonder if there is a correlation between working strategies and workout strategies?



About the Author:
Jon D'Costa has been a Mortgage Industry Recruiter for 24 years. Jon previously worked as a Mortgage Advisor and managed a team of 30 mortgage advisors. 









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